4 ideas to make your inauguration video

To keep a record of the opening ceremony of a new shop or the launch of an event, think about a video. Then you will be able to share it and have more visibility.

Inauguration | Boulanger Pau

780 € price excluding tax

Find out how to succeed your opening ceremony with the video by reading our customer case Boulanger

In this offer there are :


A super director


A coordinator that is taking care of everything


A rhythmic and dynamic editing


A copyright free music that is heart-warming


A lot of good humor and talented people

The caracteristics of this video :


Shop presentation


Product focus


Charté Boulanger


Others examples for company Inauguration

From 600€ price excluding tax



Customer focus


Slow motion

From 600€ price excluding tax



Company event


Drone images

From 600€ price excluding tax

3 Brasseurs




Attendees focus

How it works ?

1 - Say everything to us, we are listening to you! Your Cliple’s coordinator analyzes your needs and gives you advice.

With more than 2000 videos under their belt, shooting and editing don’t have any secrets for them!

2 - We find for you the perfect video maker!

The project manager selects the best videomaker according to your needs and shooting place.

3 - Shooting in a joyous and relaxed atmosphere

The video maker, briefed preliminary by the project manager, films the shots necessary for the directing of your video with listening and professionalism.

4 - Editing by your side : it cuts, it extends, it slows down, connects

The realisation is editing by your side. He moves to your place, works autonomously and lets you validate at any time of the project.

5 - Then your video is ready to be diffused.

When editing is finished, your video is ready to be diffused in the evening, the same day on every type of support!

Un coordinateur à votre écoute

Votre coordinateur Cliple analyse votre besoin et vous conseille. Avec plus de 2 000 vidéos à leur actif, les tournages et les montages n’ont plus de secret pour eux !

Le meilleur réalisateur

Votre coordinateur sélectionne le meilleur réalisateur selon votre besoin et le lieu de tournage.

Le tournage

Votre réalisateur, briefé au préalable par votre coordinateur, tourne les plans nécessaires à la réalisation de votre vidéo avec écoute et professionnalisme.

Le montage à vos côtés

Votre réalisateur effectue le montage à vos côtés. Il s’installe dans vos bureaux et travaille en autonomie en vous laissant la possibilité de valider au fur et à mesure votre vidéo.

Votre vidéo est prête à être diffusée

Le montage est terminé. Votre vidéo est prête à être diffusée le soir-même dans tous les formats possibles !

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What is an inauguration video?

An inauguration video allows you to show important moments of the opening ceremony of your shop with dynamic content alternating background images and testimonies.

Why make an inauguration video?

To increase your popularity, as well as your notoriety. But also to develop your brand image and stimulate your audience's curiosity.

How effectively promote your opening?

Advice: break with formality. Instead of speech, use a teaser. Attendees must perceive that the event that took place is a one off.