4 ideas for video interview of your employees

To boost your communication, there is nothing better than letting your co-workers speak. Interviewing them in video is an effective way to highlight them and enhance your brand through them.

Co-workers interview | Inserm

From 600 € price excluding tax

Cliple has made for National Institute of Health and Medical Research the interview of Estelle Peru, Human Resources Manager to speak about her various functions in the laboratory.

In this offer there are :


A super director


A coordinator that is taking care of everything


A rhythmic and dynamic editing


A copyright free music that is heart-warming


A lot of good humor and talented people

The caracteristics of this video :


Interview in front of the camera


Crossed interviews


illustration images


Others examples for company Contributor interview

1 380 € price excluding tax



Simultaneous interviews


Questions / Answers

1 140 € price excluding tax



Multi interviews


Questions / Answers

1 020 € price excluding tax



Student interviews


Square format

How it works ?

1 - Say everything to us, we are listening to you! Your Cliple’s coordinator analyzes your needs and gives you advice.

With more than 2000 videos under their belt, shooting and editing don’t have any secrets for them!

2 - We find for you the perfect video maker!

The project manager selects the best videomaker according to your needs and shooting place.

3 - Shooting in a joyous and relaxed atmosphere

The video maker, briefed preliminary by the project manager, films the shots necessary for the directing of your video with listening and professionalism.

4 - Editing by your side : it cuts, it extends, it slows down, connects

The realisation is editing by your side. He moves to your place, works autonomously and lets you validate at any time of the project.

5 - Then your video is ready to be diffused.

When editing is finished, your video is ready to be diffused in the evening, the same day on every type of support!

Un coordinateur à votre écoute

Votre coordinateur Cliple analyse votre besoin et vous conseille. Avec plus de 2 000 vidéos à leur actif, les tournages et les montages n’ont plus de secret pour eux !

Le meilleur réalisateur

Votre coordinateur sélectionne le meilleur réalisateur selon votre besoin et le lieu de tournage.

Le tournage

Votre réalisateur, briefé au préalable par votre coordinateur, tourne les plans nécessaires à la réalisation de votre vidéo avec écoute et professionnalisme.

Le montage à vos côtés

Votre réalisateur effectue le montage à vos côtés. Il s’installe dans vos bureaux et travaille en autonomie en vous laissant la possibilité de valider au fur et à mesure votre vidéo.

Votre vidéo est prête à être diffusée

Le montage est terminé. Votre vidéo est prête à être diffusée le soir-même dans tous les formats possibles !

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What is the impact of the co-worker interview on my business?

Whether it is for your internal communication or to convince new co-workers to join you, a video interview is the best format to introduce your company and its key partners. Cheaper and easy to make, interviewing co-workers is more more more in because it offers considerable opportunities and benefits Co-worker interview shows your partners, man or woman, your values, the working conditions of your company and merely your identity. The interviews show a real person that is more than just an employee but an individual in his own right. The storytelling done by your co-workers allows people who watch the video to identify with them and thus creating a feeling of trust. The interview is a way of humanising your brand, of showing what goes on behind the scene. By taking a testimonial, you give spontaneity to the message you want to convey. Whether the objective is the recruitment or the presentation of something new within the group, nothing is better than the experience of the employee. Because who is better to talk about it than the person who has experienced it?

Why choose to film my interview?

It can be interesting for your company to (literally) let your co-workers express themselves. Today, videos and interactive content seem more attractive than written content. With short and original formats, video interviews adapt to the rules of social networks and can boost communication. It is therefore imperative to manage the rules and issues in order to get a clear message to your target audience.

Why use professionals?

The content you create for your communication is a showcase for your brand. That's why you should bet on optimal quality to ensure that it is taken seriously. Calling on a specialised team guarantees a professional result. Don't hesitate to entrust your ideas to our teams: we are here to help you!

A lot of possibilities?

Real cluster for creation of original content, social media have generalised video interviews. For media such as Brut and Konbini, creativity doesn't have limits in terms of format. Fast life, fast & curious, interview sandwich? There are a lot of combinations and inspirations are flowing. So dare! By using trends, your messages will be more understandable because it will seem more pertinent and actual. Even stronger: creating your own format will allow you to anchor your communication identity. A good chosen format, relevant questions and an efficient editing and hop! An original and attractive interview!
Whether it's an article, an illustration or a video, the content you create for your communication is a showcase for your brand. Video is one of the most popular formats among users. It attracts the eye and the click. That's why you'll want to make sure your video is of the highest quality to ensure that it is taken seriously, and that it is professionally produced by a specialist team. From writing to editing, including the material, the experts.