Present your company with a video format

It's good to present your company but it's better with a video presentation! Choose video format for a maximum visibility and to make and impact on your clients mind

Company video presentation | La Famille

1140 € price excluding tax

La Famille Finest Lunch entrusted Cliple with the production of its corporate presentation video. On the programme, the presentation of products and the unique know-how!

In this offer there are :


A super director


A coordinator that is taking care of everything


A rhythmic and dynamic editing


A copyright free music that is heart-warming


A lot of good humor and talented people

The caracteristics of this video :




Editing in France


Animated keywords


Others examples for company Company presentation

1 260 € price excluding tax

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Shooting in England


Editing in France

840 € price excluding tax



Activity presentation



1 080 € price excluding tax

123 Roulement


Activity presentation


Team's knowledge

How it works ?

1 - Say everything to us, we are listening to you! Your Cliple’s coordinator analyzes your needs and gives you advice.

With more than 2000 videos under their belt, shooting and editing don’t have any secrets for them!

2 - We find for you the perfect video maker!

The project manager selects the best videomaker according to your needs and shooting place.

3 - Shooting in a joyous and relaxed atmosphere

The video maker, briefed preliminary by the project manager, films the shots necessary for the directing of your video with listening and professionalism.

4 - Editing by your side : it cuts, it extends, it slows down, connects

The realisation is editing by your side. He moves to your place, works autonomously and lets you validate at any time of the project.

5 - Then your video is ready to be diffused.

When editing is finished, your video is ready to be diffused in the evening, the same day on every type of support!

Un coordinateur à votre écoute

Votre coordinateur Cliple analyse votre besoin et vous conseille. Avec plus de 2 000 vidéos à leur actif, les tournages et les montages n’ont plus de secret pour eux !

Le meilleur réalisateur

Votre coordinateur sélectionne le meilleur réalisateur selon votre besoin et le lieu de tournage.

Le tournage

Votre réalisateur, briefé au préalable par votre coordinateur, tourne les plans nécessaires à la réalisation de votre vidéo avec écoute et professionnalisme.

Le montage à vos côtés

Votre réalisateur effectue le montage à vos côtés. Il s’installe dans vos bureaux et travaille en autonomie en vous laissant la possibilité de valider au fur et à mesure votre vidéo.

Votre vidéo est prête à être diffusée

Le montage est terminé. Votre vidéo est prête à être diffusée le soir-même dans tous les formats possibles !

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Whatever is your need in video, we create package videos accessible everywhere in France and worldwide. And all of that, at truly and accessible prices.

Why you should do a company presentation video?

Company’s video (or brand movie) can present your business boosting and bringing to light your brand image inside or outside of your firm. You can also highlight some of your products, even clients through an interview, but the primary objective is to communicate your values, your story and your professional expertise. Company video has a lot of advantages, it adds value to your brand image, it can bring future co-workers internally, and new clients externally, it can also improve your google search engine optimization and of course company video can be shared on a lot of media spaces, allowing thus you to increase considerably your visibility. Having a video on the internet is an important factor for your natural indexing.

How to create an original company video presentation ?

The making of a company video must reflect your values, your professional expertise and your story. You should take time to write a suitable storyline that reflects your brand image.The choice of music is equally important as it will strengthen your message. To be effective, your corporate movie should not exceed 5 minutes, a company’s video must be short, original, easy to understand and memorized.

Why to ask video professionals for your video presentation ?

The content created for your communication is the reflection of your brand. That’s why you have to bet on an optimum quality to be taken seriously. Appeal to a specialist team certifies you a professional finish. Don’t hesitate anymore to entrust your ideas to our teams : we are here to support you!

Present your company on video!