4 ideas to present your product in video

To promote a product, you just need short and powerful content. Thanks to a video, your product comes to life and its advantages can be shown in a dynamic and modern way.

Product presentation | Boulanger

840 € HT

Boulanger chose Cliple to present its new flagship product : the juice extractor Essentiel B

In this offer there are :


A super director


A coordinator that is taking care of everything


A rhythmic and dynamic editing


A copyright free music that is heart-warming


A lot of good humor and talented people

The caracteristics of this video :


Social network format


Situational exercise


Dynamic editing


Others examples for company Presenting a product

840 € HT

Lexon - Bag


Situational exercise



720 € HT

Dagoma - Disco Easy 200


Use description



720 € HT

Boulanger - Essentiel B


Small product tutorial


Situational exercise

How it works ?

1 - Say everything to us, we are listening to you! Your Cliple’s coordinator analyzes your needs and gives you advice.

With more than 2000 videos under their belt, shooting and editing don’t have any secrets for them!

2 - We find for you the perfect video maker!

The project manager selects the best videomaker according to your needs and shooting place.

3 - Shooting in a joyous and relaxed atmosphere

The video maker, briefed preliminary by the project manager, films the shots necessary for the directing of your video with listening and professionalism.

4 - Editing by your side : it cuts, it extends, it slows down, connects

The realisation is editing by your side. He moves to your place, works autonomously and lets you validate at any time of the project.

5 - Then your video is ready to be diffused.

When editing is finished, your video is ready to be diffused in the evening, the same day on every type of support!

Un coordinateur à votre écoute

Votre coordinateur Cliple analyse votre besoin et vous conseille. Avec plus de 2 000 vidéos à leur actif, les tournages et les montages n’ont plus de secret pour eux !

Le meilleur réalisateur

Votre coordinateur sélectionne le meilleur réalisateur selon votre besoin et le lieu de tournage.

Le tournage

Votre réalisateur, briefé au préalable par votre coordinateur, tourne les plans nécessaires à la réalisation de votre vidéo avec écoute et professionnalisme.

Le montage à vos côtés

Votre réalisateur effectue le montage à vos côtés. Il s’installe dans vos bureaux et travaille en autonomie en vous laissant la possibilité de valider au fur et à mesure votre vidéo.

Votre vidéo est prête à être diffusée

Le montage est terminé. Votre vidéo est prête à être diffusée le soir-même dans tous les formats possibles !

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Why you should present your products in video?

Calling it a presentation or an explanatory video, it aims to present products or services offered by your company. Short and engaging video, enable your clients and prospects to quickly understand your concept and your product’s characteristics.

What is a good product présentation?

To understand why you should ask for a product presentation video, you need to know what is a good product presentation video.

Duration!! To be effective, a video should not exceed 1 minute otherwise website’s or social network’s visitors will be discouraged before watching the video. In fact, 45% of visitors stop watching a video after 1 minutes and 60% stop after 2 minutes(Hubspot, the state of video marketing 2020). That’s why engaging and short videos should always be used. Choose a style and a tonne linked to your universe. A relaxed tonne will give authenticity to your message.

Insist and focus your script on the benefits made by your products, not just on the product’s functionalities. Don’t let your target find advantages on the product, give it to her directly!

The call to action has to appear at the middle or at the end of your video to support your visitor in buying process

Why you should use video?

You need to see it to believe in it It’s like a 360° photo! By making a video you give the possibility to your audience to see the product at home but as if it were in a shop! Explanatory videos are also allowing users to understand the service. This is why 97% of marketing professionals declare that video enables a better understanding of the product for final users (Hubspot, the state of video marketing 2017). Furthermore, it is an effective way to increase sales. According to the research by Speciality Report, when a product appears in video, the average shopping basket and transformation rate are increased by 30%. This kind of support is suitable for different media such as your social network, your website or your Youtube channel. Being broadcasted everywhere gives you more visibility. It’s an opportunity to reinforce your brand image because the more your content is watched and shared the more your notoriety is increasing. Finally, according to ReelSEO, 58% of consumers consider that creating video content is giving a trustworthy image of the company. Moreover, 77% think that if a company is creating video content it is more committed to their consumers. Showing products in detail would seem to improve the relation between the brand and the customers.

Why you should ask professionals?

Content created for your communication is representing your brand. Appeal to specialists is a judicious choice to get a qualitative video . Our experts can be helpful and can give you some good advice. Don’t hesitate and entrust your ideas to our teams : we are here to support you!